Piano Tuition Fees

Fee Information (Lessons for Children)

Tuition fees are charged on a upfront monthly basis for the “piano year” which runs from September to June. This means that the monthly fees shown in the table below are payable per month over 10 months of the year.

Over July and August, I offer lessons on a more flexible basis where students can pay per lesson rather than for the month in advance. This gives families the freedom to travel or schedule in other activities over the summer months.



What does the tuition fee cover?

In addition to the time dedicated to the lesson itself, piano lesson fees also cover:

  • Individualised student lesson planning and preparation
  • Preparing and sourcing materials such as games, worksheets, etc.
  • Studio-licensed repertoire that students have access to
  • Student incentives and awards
  • Studio performance parties
  • Studio expenses (printing, photocopying, etc.)
  • Research into new resources, methodology, pedagogical studies
  • Professional memberships and continuing professional development


When are fees due?

Piano tuition fees are charged monthly in advance and are payable by the 10th of each month. Late payments will incur a $5 late charge.

Additional Questions?

Check out the FAQ page or contact me for more comprehensive information.