Jerica Chan

Travel Piano Teacher

My experience in early childhood teaching has shown that music is alive in all children and they learn through fun and play. Gone are the days of rulers on knuckles – playing the piano should be a source of joy and this is my guidepost in teaching.

I encourage my students to work hard but to also have fun in our lessons and to enjoy learning itself. In the Piano with Po way, I engage students in many different ways through games and off-bench activities – not just by reading notes on a page. Music is a sensory activity involving most of our senses so they all need to be activated in a lesson.

I’m a believer in continuous learning and constantly challenge myself to learn new repertoire so that I can relate to students on how it feels to master something difficult. The effort is worth it in the end when you can play a piece of music beautifully and with confidence.

Learning the piano teaches us not only piano skills, but also life skills. Self-motivation, persistence and focus.

Whatever your goal is with piano, I’m here to support and encourage the entire way, in the comfort of your own home.

Photo of JericaJerica Chan

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
Music Performance in Piano Grade 8
Theory of Music Grade 5

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