Piano Lesson FAQ’s

Do I need to have a piano at home?

Yes. To make progress with piano, you will need to have an instrument to practice on at home. The exception to this is for students enrolled in preschool group piano lessons.

An acoustic piano is the best choice particularly for technique development but a weighted, hammer action, touch sensitive 88-key digital piano is also a good option if you’re looking for a more cost-friendly instrument.

Good technique is important not only for beautiful playing, but also to ensure students don’t suffer injury or strain from poor posture.

Investing in a piano at the outset can be daunting so you could consider renting one instead, as some retailers allow you to put the rental price towards a purchase.


Where are lessons held?

Lessons are either held in my home studio in Balmoral or in student’s homes (currently available in Central and West Singapore).


How long is each lesson?

Lesson times range between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the age of the student and their level. Please refer to Piano for Children or Piano for Adults for more information.


How much practice should I be doing?

Students should have at least 5 practice blocks per week and commit to it as a regular habit. The length of the practice block is not as important as what is being achieved during practice. I prefer to give students outcomes-based practice assignments rather than prescribing a set length of time for them to sit and play.

However, if you find having a time indicator useful, here are some guidelines:

  • Young students and beginners: 10 – 20 minutes per block, 5 blocks per week
  • Late beginner students: 20 – 30 minutes per block, 5 blocks per week
  • Intermediate students: 30 – 45 minutes per block, 6-7 blocks per week
  • Advanced students: 45 – 60 minutes per block, 7 blocks per week

Ultimately, how much you practice and the quality of your practicing will go a long way to setting the pace at which you progress.


What if my child / I need to miss a lesson?

I understand this happens sometimes due to illness or unforeseeable events. Information regarding make-up lessons are provided in my detailed Studio Policy which you will receive after a Trial Lesson.

Adult students can miss lessons as they need to as lessons are either paid per lesson or in bundles of 10 which expire after 5 months. A minimum of 24 hours notice is needed for a lesson cancellation.


Do you teach preschoolers?

Yes! We teach preschoolers (ages 3 – 4) in small group settings which are parent-accompanied.  From ages 5 and up, individual lessons are offered. More information about preschool lessons can be found here.


Do you teach adults?

Yes! I’m a big supporter of adult learning and have flexible lesson options for adults with busy schedules. Find out more here.


What are your fees?

Please contact me for the current lesson fee rates.


What books and materials do I need?

For children, I will source all books and materials and parents don’t need to purchase anything separately (unless undertaking an exam – exam materials are separately charged).

For adults, I will suggest materials for purchase as your lessons progress. The materials you’ll need will largely depend on whether you have any prior experience and your musical tastes.

As each student’s learning style is different, there isn’t one book or method I rely on for every student. I commonly draw on methods such as Piano Safari, Piano Pronto, Carol Matz’s Interactive Piano Method, to name a few. I am constantly adding to my resources so that students have fresh and relevant materials to inspire their learning.


When do my bundles expire (Adults)?

10 lesson bundles are valid for five (5) months from the date of purchase.


I hated having to learn classical music when I was younger. Can we skip this?

Yes, there is no rule book saying you must play classical music on the piano! If you’re only interested in playing songs you know from the movies or pop charts, I will help you learn the fundamental skills needed to play this style successfully.


Do your students do exams?

Exams are a great motivator for some and provide an assessment of a student’s progress at a point in time. However, exams are not a requirement of my studio and don’t form the basis of my teaching. I don’t believe in pushing a child to sit two or three exams a year at the risk of sacrificing their enjoyment of learning. Piano doesn’t need to be rushed.

Nonetheless, if I think an exam would be beneficial for your child’s progress (and some respond well to a bit of pressure) and/or if you are keen for them to take exams, I can certainly prepare them to take exams through the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) or Trinity College London.


Do your students get to perform?

We have an annual studio-wide concert where students perform. These are relaxed gatherings intended to provide students with a safe environment to build confidence in playing in front of others. Parents and family are invited to attend to celebrate the year’s learning! In some years, we also hold Group Performance Workshops for students age 7 and above. These are small groups Students age 7 and above are invited to participate in Group Performance Workshops once a year. These are small groups where students practice performing in front of each other and enjoy piano games in a social setting!