Adult Piano Lessons

Try New ThingsIs the piano something you've always wanted to learn but you didn't have the opportunity to as a child?

Or are you coming back to it after many years of absence, looking for a different style of teaching to the traditional one you had before?

No matter what your story is, playing the piano is definitely a skill you can learn as an adult. Your developed motor skills and ability to understand more technical concepts means you can progress quite quickly, compared to a beginner starting out at a young age.

However, unlike children, adults have a lot more going on in their lives and sometimes piano needs to take a back seat. Finding time to practise and to come to lessons isn't always easy, but that doesn't mean you should forget about learning the piano altogether.


My lessons for adults are designed to be flexible. I encourage adults to learn, even if you can’t commit to weekly lessons. We can decide on a pace and schedule that suits you.

Most importantly, if there is a specific goal you have in mind or a particular facet of piano you are most interested in, let’s discuss it. All my lesson plans are customised to suit the student, therefore knowing what you’re interested in means I can design lessons you will enjoy and get the most out of. After all, there’s no point in learning 30 scales if all you really want to learn is one song!

What do you want to learn?

How long is a lesson?

If you’re completely new to piano, I recommend 45 minute lessons. This gives us time for a solidly paced lesson covering a range of materials and concepts.

If you have played piano before and are at a late beginner / early intermediate level, 60 minute lessons would be preferable to allow time for longer pieces and to explore more music that you really enjoy. Learning more material each lesson will also result in faster progress.

Flexible piano lessonsHow often should I have a lesson?

If your schedule permits, weekly lessons are ideal.

This guarantees that you will be at the piano at least once a week, which is important if you struggle to find time in between lessons to sit and play. It means that new concepts that you learn in a lesson won’t be as quickly forgotten and we can build on foundations week-to-week.

Fortnightly lessons are also an option and these work best for those who are very independent learners and are able to find time in between lessons to practice and work through materials on their own. This structure is better suited to those with some musical or piano foundation rather than brand new beginners.

I travel a lot… can I have irregular lessons?

Yes you can!

I won’t be able to hold a regular lesson spot for you but you can let me know when you’re in town and available and I can usually make it happen. I suggest having at least two lessons per month just to keep things moving but this is entirely up to you.

You can purchase classes as 8 or 12 lesson bundles, giving you the freedom to use them according to your schedule.

More Questions?

Check out the Lesson FAQ’s or contact me for more information!

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