Month: March 2023

Student Compositions of “Creepy March”

Following on from my last post which talked about composition, here are some more videos of my students playing their own compositions!

All of these are based on Samantha Coates’ rote repertoire pieces which give students such a great starting point to creating their own music. It’s also a handy way to explain theme and variations (watch this video of Lang Lang explaining Mozart’s variations of “Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman” – popularly known as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – if you’re unfamiliar with this concept).

I wish I had started recording my students’ compositions in years past as there have been other excellent ones but unfortunately they are now lost to time, so enjoy these ones!


Theme: Creepy March by Samantha Coates


Creepy March by Samantha Coates

Here is the original version of Creepy March by Samantha Coates, the “Theme” that my students have based their variations on.








Variation I: composed by Christian

Variation II: composed by Noga

Variation III: composed by Phoebe


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